Dua Lipa has her own ‘IDGAF’ Snapchat filter now

And a sticker pack!

Dua Lipa has launched a filter on the social media platform Snapchat to promote her single ‘IDGAF’.

The filter plays the track in the background for users to lip sync to, whilst applying glittery earrings and a blue and red colour tint to the video.

Users can load the filter on the front camera’s usual face carousel, but it’s only available for a limited time.


The singer posted a video of herself using the filter on Twitter, encouraging others to do the same.


Dua Lipa has also revealed that users can access ‘IDGAF’ themed stickers by using the app Shazam to identify the song.


This week, Dua Lipa once again responded to comments made by a journalist who accused her of lying about cancelled tour dates.


The writer, Richard Wilkins, who has now apologised for the misinformation, claimed that the singer’s appearance on American TV was proof that she had not undergone emergency dental surgery, her publicised reason for cancelling the shows.


Dua Lipa quickly took to Twitter to point out that the TV appearance had been filmed at an earlier point, and she really was on bed rest when she cancelled the shows.

She told KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show: “I was really upset because my fans were really upset and that’s the kind of thing that I think is so dangerous, to say stuff like that. I don’t ever want to let people down unless I really, really have to. It was a health thing that I had to take care of and it came at the worst possible time.”

Last week, Dua Lipa was confirmed as Calvin Harris’ next collaborator, with their joint track ‘One Kiss’ expected to drop in the coming weeks.