Dua Lipa talks universal healthcare with Bernie Sanders: “We Brits consider the NHS a right”

The pair also discussed the issue of voter suppression and next week's US election

Dua Lipa has discussed the issue of universal health care in a wide-ranging chat with US Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Senator, I wanted to ask you, as someone who has grown up with health care that’s free at the point of use, I find it so hard to understand why people aren’t protesting for universal health care,” the British singer told Sanders in a new video chat.

He replied: “Many people in America, for a variety of reasons, having to do with the power of the health care industry here which makes billions of dollars every year, having to do with the corporate media, they do not know how the health care systems in the UK or Australia or Canada work.


“Alright, so I’m going to ask you a question that I hope American viewers, your fans in America, will listen to. When you get sick or somebody in your family gets sick, or maybe has to go to the hospital, how much does it cost for you?”

Lipa then replied: “It’s completely free. For us Brits, we consider NHS [National Health Service] a right, just like having running water in our house.”

Sanders then continued: “Alright, so in other words, if God forbid somebody you know ends up with a serious illness and they’re in the hospital for a month, how much does it cost when they get out of the hospital?”

“It’s completely free,” Lipa simply replied.

Wrapping up his questioning, Sanders then asked if UK citizens risk losing health care when they are out of employment.


“No, not at all,” Lipa replied, “which is also one of the things which I think, you know, it’s so sad the fact that during the pandemic, people have lost so many jobs but then it’s completely unfathomable the fact that you also lose your health care. I couldn’t imagine that being an extra stress on top of everything.”

The chat comes a week ahead of the US election, with Joe Biden currently leading Donald Trump in the national polls.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed yesterday (October 26) that Lipa will release new single ‘Fever’ later this week, which sees her teaming up with Belgian singer Angèle.

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