Dua Lipa teases “nostalgic” new album

"The album is really nostalgic with new sounds."

Dua Lipa has teased that her new album sees her heading in a “nostalgic” direction.

The singer, who released new single ‘Don’t Start Now’ last week, said that the track is reflective of her upcoming second record – which sees her heading in a disco-led direction.

“It’s very disco-orientated. I guess I got a lot of inspiration from ‘Electricity’ and ‘One Kiss’; it felt like the natural progression,” she told Metro.co.uk.


“The album is really nostalgic with new sounds.”

Despite previously working with Nile Rodgers on new music, she admitted that her work with the Chic legend won’t feature on the next album.

“We did some stuff together but it’s not going to end up on the project, but hopefully we’ll get to work on something else. I’m going to keep everything a secret for now.”

Last night, she also gave ‘Don’t Matter Now’ a live airing at MTV’s European Music Awards in Seville.

It comes after the ‘New Rules’ pop star signalled her “new era” at the beginning of the month by posting an image of herself sporting a new blonde look.


“Thank you for your patience. See you soon,” she told fans, who have been eagerly awaiting the follow-up to her 2017 self-titled debut.

Lipa described the new song ‘Don’t Start Now’ as a “pure adrenalin fuelled, feel good dance floor anthem of positivity and self-empowerment.”