Dua Lipa “working really hard” to release new album this year

It's her new rule...

Dua Lipa has revealed that releasing a new album is her priority for 2019.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the ‘New Rules’ singer said that she plans to “work really hard” to finish the follow-up to her 2017 debut self-titled album.

Asked what her rules for the year are, she answered: “Working really hard to get my new album out. Those are the only rules that I’m gonna be living by. I’m just going to be in the studio making sure that I come back with some fun stuff for everyone.”


Elsewhere in the interview published yesterday (January 16), the 23-year-old pop star said that lyrics on the new record will be as “honest” as ever because that’s what has helped forge a strong connection with her fans.

“I’ve learned that just by being honest and speaking my truth, I guess it hits home with some people – just like it does with me,” she explained.

When asked what musical direction she is heading in for album number two, Lipa said that it’s “a pop album” but one that’s diverse thanks to her dual upbringing in the UK and Kosovo.

“All people listened to in Kosovo was hip-hop. So after listening to pop and British rock while I was growing up, my first concert was Method Man and Redman, because they were the only people that came to Pristina,” she said.

“My album – I guess it’s a pop album, but it’s so diverse,” she added, “because it comes from so many different and inspirations. So hip-hop has played a big role in that. I just want to be able to play with different sounds and different feelings at the same time.


“That carries on in the second album. It’s me trying to cover all the ground, all of my feelings.”

She continued: “Some days are happy and all you want to do is write a song about that. And other days…you know. Things don’t go how you want them do – but it’s such great inspiration for music. So there’s always that silver lining.

“I guess I’m quite good at hitting all the low notes – I’m still figuring out how to reach the higher ones.”

Meanwhile, Lipa has been nominated for several awards in this year’s BRITs, including for her collaboration with with Calvin Harris, ‘One Kiss’, and her own single ‘IDGAF’.