New material has a hiphop flavour, say band...

Dubstar release their third album ‘Make It Better’ on July 17 through Food Records and according to the band, they’ve gone hip hop!.

The album’s preceded by a single ‘I (Friday Night)’ on May 8.

Explaining the change in tack on the new album, keyboard player and programmer Steve Hillier said: “It always sounds so wanky when you hear a band say they went back to their roots, but in our case, the cliche is true.”

“For example, all the percussion lines are taken from old jazz-funk records – the same sources as hip hop, essentially.

“When we started off, the band’s sound was inspired by people like One Dove and Andy Weatherall… so for anyone who’s ever really listened to our music, the new album isn’t really going to be that much of a surprise.”

The full tracklisting for ‘Make It Better’ is:

‘Take It’, ‘I (Friday Night)’, ‘The Self Same Thing’, ‘Mercury’, ‘Stay’, ‘Another World’, ‘When The World Knows Your Name’, ‘Arc Of Fire’, ‘Believe In Me’, ‘I’m So Conscious Of Myself’, ‘Rise To The Top’ and ‘Swansong’.