Bernard Butler didn’t get paid for producing Duffy’s ‘Rockferry’ album

Singer wasn't even sure it was going to be released

Duffy has revealed that Bernard Butler didn’t initially get paid for producing her chart-topping album ‘Rockferry’.

The Welsh singer’s debut record has now gone on to shift three million copies worldwide but the Welsh singer revealed it took over four years to make and they used cheap, small studios sometimes, with three-week periods between writing and recording.

Speaking to the Daily Star Duffy said: “When I was writing I never knew what my fate was. Neither did Bernard Butler or my manager Jeanette.”

Duffy continued: “At times we wondered if it would ever be released. I’m just this girl from Wales – it could have done nothing and I could have faded into obscurity.”

She added: “Nobody ever gave Bernard any money to work with me. It was all done on a shoestring.”