Duffy’s Diet Coke bicycle ad cleared after complaints – video

Singer's advert given all clear by Advertising Standards Authority

Duffy‘s Diet Coke TV advert, which features the singer riding a bike without a safety helmet, has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority despite complaints.

Exactly 22 people took issue with the fact that Duffy was seen to be riding through the streets late at night without lights or reflective clothing, and as such was breaking health and safety rules in a move that could have been copied by children.

Watch the advert by clicking below.

Coca-Cola chiefs denied the claims, saying she was wearing a sequined top which reflected light, adding that bike did indeed have lights, reports the The Guardian.

The Advertising Standards Authority have sided with Coca-Cola, saying that the advert was unlikely to be watched by children due to its scheduling and was also “unreal and fantastical”.