The trio say they have achieved all their ambitions and want to move on...

DUM DUMS have split, claiming they have achieved all their ambitions as a band.

The rock trio released their last album, ‘It Goes Without Saying’ last September, and have toured the record across Europe and Japan, playing dates with both Bon Jovi and Robbie Williams.

However, in a lengthy letter to fans posted on the official Dum Dums website, [url=]www.dumdums.com, frontman Josh Doyle said following the group’s live appearances at the Edenfest in Cumbria (August 11), and Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham (25), the trio will “keep in touch as friends (but) will not be recording or performing again”.


He said that in the early days of the band, their ambition was to perform at Wembley Stadium and tour the world, something they have already achieved.

He continued: “I couldn’t think of anything sadder than carrying on when the best days are behind you. So it seems the natural process has led to this decision to finish and head off in other, more challenging and exciting musical directions.

“Whatever happens, we are all so appreciative of every person who came to see us play, bought our records, waited for us in the cold just to talk, joined the message board, sent us e-mails, gave us presents and sent us letters. We have always endeavoured to go beyond the bounds of our ‘job’ and tried to be there for you, be your friends, people you could talk to. I hope we will always have a place in your heart as you go on to discover great new bands and carry on with your lives – we will never forget you…”

To read the full statement, click here.

A UK spokesperson for the group was unavailable for comment to confirm the split this morning.