A DUP member who told Rihanna to “cover up” has lost his council seat

Alan Graham objected to Rihanna's "inappropriate" clothing when she filmed a video on his land

A DUP councillor who complained about Rihanna’s “inappropriate” clothing for a music video she promoted on his land has lost his council seat in local government elections earlier this week.

Alan Graham, from the Democratic Unionist Party, complained when Rihanna filmed scenes for the video ‘We Found Love’ on his land in 2011, describing her lack of clothing “inappropriate.”

Graham, who is also a farmer, said at the time: “I requested that they stop filming and they did. I had a conversation with Rihanna and I hope she understands where I’m coming from. We shook hands.”

He later added that the musician had been “very gracious and respectful” when they spoke and that they “parted on good terms.”

Graham has served as a councillor on the Ards and North Down Council for several years. He has now been replaced to Scott Wilson of the Alliance Party.

Last month, Rihanna released a joint film with Donald Glover, Guava Island, which sees Glover play a musician trying to host his own festival but is kidnapped by Rihanna.

On IMDB, the film was described as: “a tropical thriller that casts Glover as a musician with designs on pulling off a scheme to rob his way into the good life, which quickly gets him in over his head.”

The duo premiered the movie on April 11 at Coachella, ahead of Glover headlining the first day of the festival (April 12). It then arrived on Amazon Prime Video half an hour into his set.

Guava Island was directed by Glover’s long-time collaborator Hiro Murai, while Black Panther’s Letitia Wright also stars. A trailer for the film was initially shown at PHAROS festival, a New Zealand event run by Glover.

Meanwhile, earlier this year The-Dream revealed that Rihanna was “super close” to finishing her next record. “She’s cooking, she’s about done. She’s about done. Super close,” he told HOT 97’s Ebro Darden.