Mark Ronson begins work with Duran Duran

He says: 'I know what their fans want to hear'

Mark Ronson has started work on the new Duran Duran record, and tells NME.COM it’s their best material in 15 years.

Ronson went into the studio with the band on Wednesday (March 18) and says it’s already going so well that he hopes to do the full album.

“Today we started a song, and it has to be my favourite Duran Duran song in at least 15 years,” he said. “We made this beat, this backing track, and I was like ‘why don’t you guys start jamming over it?’, and all of a sudden its like instant Duran Duran. Just add water, you know?”

A fan of the band’s since childhood, the producer says he was apprehensive at the prospect of working with the Brit legends.

“I was so nervous the night before, I’m always like that the night before every project, like ‘this is the one they’re going to figure out I’m a fraud’. But I’m such a fan that I know what a Duran Duran fan would want to hear. It’s going so well at this point, I’d like to do half a record, maybe a whole record with them.”

He says that despite their longevity, Duran Duran are still very much in touch with what’s happening currently in the music scene.

“They’re at a point in their career where they could just accept lifetime achievement awards and play a few festivals but they actually care so much about new music. They have an impeccable knowledge about old really cool avant-garde stuff but they’re really up on their shit. They’ll talk to you about TV On The Radio and Klaxons, and they’re not just saying it to be trendy, they’re actually really into it. I feel like there’s a lot of bands especially now that are really indebted to them, I’m sure Brandon Flowers and all these people would be the first to say it.”

Meanwhile, Ronson has yet to begin work on the follow up to his solo record ‘Version’, but he assures NME.COM it will not be ‘Version 2.0’ and that he will be writing original material for the album.

–By our New York staff.
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