Duran Duran sucked into ‘credit crunch’ meltdown

Band play gig for complete and utter bankers

Duran Duran are at the centre of a row over the lavish spending of credit crunch-stricken bank Lloyds TSB at their annual staff party.

The ‘Rio’ rockers played at the recent £2 million annual staff bash, which was described as a “disgusting spectacle” by organisers, according to The Sun.

An organiser of the party told the newspaper: “It’s the most extravagant corporate event I’ve ever seen. There was little mention of the credit crunch as they filled their boots. It was a disgusting spectacle.”

Lloyds TSB, who were yesterday (October 13) bailed out with £17 billion of taxpayers’ money by the government, told the newspaper that the party was paid for months in advance and so could not be called off.