Duran Duran attribute success to guys coming to shows to meet girls

"The smart guys went to Duran Duran concerts because that's where the girls were"

Duran Duran have attributed their success to guys trying to pick up girls.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Simon Le Bon talked about the appeal of the band to their male audience.

He said: “The smart guys went to Duran Duran concerts because that’s where the girls were. They might not have liked us when they walked in, but by the end of the concert they had a bit of affection for Duran Duran.

“Some bands are really happy with being a band that people have to sit down and get stoned to. But, you know, I like to get people up and dancing. There’s a lot to be said for being a party band. It’s a hell of a lot of fun.”


The band’s 14th album ‘Paper Gods’ reached number five in the UK charts on its release earlier this month, Duran Duran’s highest UK chart position for a studio album since ‘Astronaut’ came out in October 2004. As well as the band, it features Mr Hudson, Chic frontman Nile Rodgers, Janelle Monae and John Frusciante.

The release will be accompanied by a UK tour.

Duran Duran will play the following dates:

Manchester Arena (November 27)
Leeds Arena (28)
Cardiff Arena (30)
Brighton Centre (December 2)
Birmingham Arena (4)
Newcastle Arena (5)
Glasgow Hydro (6)
London O2 (8)
Bournemouth International Centre (9)
Nottingham Arena (11)
Liverpool Arena (12)