Dutch Uncles: ‘Paramore fans freaked us out’

Manchester band are working on new album for 2015, 'O Shudder'

Dutch Uncles frontman Duncan Wallis says he was “freaked out” by the reaction from Paramore fans when the US group took them out on tour.

Paramore’s Taylor York cited Dutch Uncles as a major influence on Paramore’s self-titled fourth album, which was released last year. Dutch Uncles then supported Paramore on their 2014 European tour.

Speaking to NME in the brand new issue, which is available now on newsstands and digitally, Wallis says the fans were unlike anything they’d experienced before.


Wallis said: “Their fans are completely obsessive. People fall in love with you even though they’ve only seen you play for half an hour. Just the fact we’ve shared the same stage as Paramore made us legends all of a sudden. It actually freaked me out a bit.”

Speaking about their relationship with Paramore, Wallis says: “It was surreal. Taylor York was pouring his heart out to us backstage about how our music had influenced him to write songs like ‘Ain’t It Fun’ and ‘Still Into You’. I was thinking, ‘How the hell has this massive group been influenced by five nerds from Manchester trying to write in 7/4 time?'”

Elsewhere in the interview, Wallis reveals all about the group’s next album, which is set to be titled ‘O Shudder’ and will be released in February 2015. Wallis reports that a major change is in the lyrics, which are intentionally more direct and simple. “I was sick of writing these math-rock riddles – it’s really annoying,” he said.