Bataclan survivors contemplate Eagles of Death Metal return

The band are giving free tickets to those who survived the tragic attack in Paris in November

With Eagles Of Death Metal set to return to Paris on Tuesday (February 16) and complete the show that was interrupted by a terrorist attack on November 13 of last year, survivors – who the band have invited to attend the gig for free – have been contemplating whether to return.

Talking to The Guardian, gig attendees expressed mixed views on taking up the free ticket offer.

“I want it to be a rock concert where you can dance and have fun, and which marks a return to normal life,” one survivor said. “I think it’s a good idea the band is coming back. I don’t go to mass, so I’m going to a rock gig.”


Another has also committed to returning, saying: “I always knew I had to finish the gig. I need to replace that night with something better — better mental images, better energy. The last time I saw the band it was as they were running off stage. I need to see them playing again to know that the attacks are finally over,”

A third survivor has the opposite sentiments, though, writing in a blog post that he couldn’t watch the band again, even if they gave him a private concert in the presidential bunker.

“I study everyone in case they’re a threat. If the train brakes brusquely or the lights go out, I go into survival mode,” he said.


130 people were killed and around 350 injured in a series of violent attacks in the French capital on November 13 2015. Music venue Le Bataclan was among the worst hit, with 89 civilians killed during a shooting at the Eagles Of Death Metal gig.

The venue has since confirmed it will reopen, but not in time for Eagles of Death Metal’s return (they play the Olympia instead next week). The band did return to the venue following the attacks, visiting in early December. Jesse Hughes also said he would like his band to be the first to play the venue following its reopening.

The band have also been encouraging other acts to record covers of their track ‘I Love You All The Time’ promising to donate their royalties for the song to charities connected with the tragedy.