Eagles Of Death Metal thank Bono after Paris attacks: ‘He was the best person to ask for advice’

U2 frontman bought the band new phones to replace the ones they lost in the attacks

Eagles Of Death Metal have thanked U2 frontman Bono for his help in the immediate aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, which saw a group of armed gunmen shoot and kill 89 people at the band’s gig in the French capital.

It was previously revealed that Bono bought the band new phones to replace the ones they lost in the attacks, with frontman Jesse Hughes now detailing the extent of Bono’s help.

“Bono knows that I’m a Christian and he also knows I’m a mama’s boy,” Hughes told Rolling Stone. “The very next day [after the attack], a courier came with a phone that had a note that said, ‘This is from Bono. Make sure you call your mom.’ I thought that was awesome. It was the first time that I really got to talk to my mom without being in a police station and that meant the whole world to me at that moment.”

Hughes continued: “Bono called because I needed advice. I felt like the best person to ask for advice on how to deal with this is someone who’s rubbed elbows with world leaders. And he just prayed with me on the phone. He kept my head off of things and then U2 visited the memorial site and delivered lyrics of ours that he thought were appropriate. And that particularly was important to me because I really wanted to be out there. I didn’t want to be in some safe house. I take personal pride in being really close to my fans. I knew a lot of the people personally that didn’t make it and that little detail, just on a personal note, is something that nobody else would ever know that it mattered, but it mattered to me. I didn’t know how I was ever going to get back onstage again.”

Hughes’ Eagles Of Death Metal co-founder, Josh Homme, who wasn’t present at the tragic event, has said that the incident has inspired him and spurred him on.

“I generally don’t carry the flag for anything,” Homme said. “I’m usually on my own exploration that’s often dark, mysterious and perverse. But I find myself and my bandmates – and Jesse – in this situation where we’re magnetically drawn to this moment to shine a light on a part of ourselves that is ready to help, ready to move, ready to go.”

Eagles Of Death Metal recently launched Play It Forward, a project inviting musicians to cover their song ‘I Love You All The Time’ for charity.

“Roses grow in shit, and this is a shitty situation,” Homme explained of the cause. “It’s funny how things this terrible, when you’re close to them, how they stop your life in its tracks…. This is where I realize the importance of the arts and music to be able to move quickly to unite people. It’s a rare moment when these elements are conjoined.”

NMENME/Jenn Five

Eagles Of Death Metal have also rescheduled a series of European live dates that were cancelled after the terrorist attack.

Following the tragic events, the band have now announced rescheduled dates for early 2016. These will stretch through February and March, before the band return in August. The run of dates includes a return to Paris, this time at the Olympia venue, on February 16.

Fans who were at the Bataclan show on November 13 will be entitled to a free ticket for the rescheduled Paris date. They must contact their original ticket supplier between January 5-20 to claim their ticket. The Bataclan Theatre will not be open again in time for the band’s return on this tour.

Eagles Of Death Metal will also return to the UK to play Reading and Leeds 2016, their only UK festival performance.

See a list of the dates in full.

Stockholm, Debaser Media (February 13, 2016)
Oslo, Sentrum Scene (14)
Paris, Olympia (16)
Munich, Tonhalle (18)
Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture (19)
Budapest, Akvarium (20)
Vienna, Arena (22)
Zurich, Komplex (23)
Lille, Le Splendid (24)
Brussels, Forest Club(25)
Treviso, New Age (27)
Turin, 10100(28)
Rome, Orion (29)
Nimes, La Paloma (March 2)
Barcelona, Apolo (3)
Madrid, Joy Eslava (4)
Lisbon, Coliseum (5)
Katowice, Mega Club (August 9)
Copenhagen, Amager Bio (11)
Bremen, Aladin (15)
Cologne, Live Music Hall (16)