Eagles Of Death Metal join U2 on stage in Paris – watch

Bands cover Patti Smith's 'People Have The Power' in unison against Paris attacks

Eagles Of Death Metal have joined U2 on stage in Paris tonight (December 7).

U2 invited the band onstage during their second and final night at the AccorHotels Arena. The bands performed a cover of Patti Smith’s ‘People Have The Power’ before U2 left Eagles Of Death Metal to close the show with their own track ‘I Love You All The Time.’

U2’s gigs were originally meant to take place last month but were postponed after terrorists attacked Paris, killing 130 people including 89 at an Eagles Of Death Metal gig at the Bataclan venue.


According to Twitter user U2start, Bono offered Eagles Of Death Metal the stage, saying, “They were robbed of their stage three weeks ago, we’d like to offer them ours tonight.”

See the tweet below:

Eagles Of Death Metal joined U2 for a cover version of Patti Smith’s ‘People Have The Power.’ Smith herself joined U2 on Sunday night (December 6) for a rendition of the song.

Watch footage of both performances below:


During both rescheduled concerts U2 paid tribute to those that died in the terrorist attacks with the victims’ names displayed in blue, white and red on a large screen behind the band as they played live.

“We stand together with the families who lost their loved ones in Paris,” Bono told the audience on Sunday night (December 6). He added, “We stand together with families in San Bernardino. We stand together with families in Beirut and Istanbul. We stand together before those with false ideologies of the god they serve.”

U2 frontman Bono recently revealed that he bought the members of Eagles Of Death Metal new mobile phones and offered them use of his private jet in the immediate aftermath of the Paris attacks.

“We had a plane, which we put at the Eagles’ use if they wanted it, but they found another way. The best thing we could do for our fellow musicians was to buy them phones,” he explained to The New York Times. “I spoke to Julian [Dorio] and to Jesse [Hughes]. But that was the best thing, Jesse said, just getting the phones to be texting and all the stuff that you do — social media — to find out what’s going on. Their phones were in the venue.”