Bataclan venue issues first statement since Paris attacks: ‘Our thoughts are with the victims’

Eagles of Death Metal were performing at venue on Friday night (November 13)

Staff at Bataclan, the live music venue targeted as part of the Paris attacks, have issued their first statement since 89 people were killed there on Friday night.

A statement from the venue was tweeted this morning. It begins with “no words sufficient to express the magnitude of our grief,” before adding: “Our thoughts are with the victims, the wounded and their relatives.”

The statement then goes on to explain that people wishing to gather in front of the venue to pay their respects to the dead will not be able to until after police have finished working on the site.


Translated, the statement reads: “[There are] no words sufficient to express the magnitude of our grief. Our thoughts are with the victims, the wounded and their relatives. You may to want to gather together, unfortunately the authorities still need to work on site. We will keep you informed of when it will be posible to gather. We thank you for your support, it touches us deeply.”

At least 129 people were killed and around 350 are injured after a series of violent attacks in the French capital last week (November 13). Music venue Le Bataclan was among the worst hit, with 89 civilians killed during a shooting at an Eagles Of Death Metal gig.

Eagles Of Death Metal merchandise seller, Nick Alexander was the first Briton confirmed to have been killed in the attacks. Mercury Records’ international product manager Thomas Ayad and Les InRocks reporter William B Decherf are also among the deceased.

Musicians around the world have reacted with horror to the attacks, including those who have friends in the city and others who have performed at the Bataclan venue over the years. Among the artists who have delivered messages are Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber, Jared Leto, AC/DC, Sam Smith, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake and more.

The likes of U2 and Foo Fighters have cancelled upcoming shows in Paris and elsewhere in Europe following the attacks.


This news story has been amended to reflect the correct translation of the Bataclan’s original message. An earlier version was incorrectly translated.