Euro 16 star Antoine Griezmann’s sister recalls being at Bataclan during Paris terror attack

Maud Griezmann was at the Eagles Of Death Metal show where 89 people were killed

The sister of one of France’s players at the European Championship final this Sunday (July 10) has recalled escaping the terror attack at the Bataclan club last November.

Maud Griezmann, whose brother Antoine Griezmann is a striker for France, went to Eagles Of Death Metal’s concert with her boyfriend on November 13, when 89 fans were killed by Isis terrorists.

Maud has spoken for the first time in the week that France have reached the final, where they will face Portugal at Paris’ Stade de France, where her brother was playing for France against Germany on the same night as the Bataclan attack.

Before gunmen opened fire at the Bataclan, two suicide bombers were killed in an explosion outside the Stade de France.

Talking of her experience, Griezmann, a publicist, said she and her boyfriend Simon Degoul thought someone was playing a prank when she first heard gunfire above the music 40 minutes into Eagles Of Death Metal’s show.

Griezmann told The New York Times: “We thought it was part of the concert. But then we heard the screams.”

Degoul and Griezmann were pushed towards the front right-hand side of the stage, where they fell to the floor. A woman fell between the couple, and they clasped her hands and lay still. Griezmann said: “If you moved, you were shot.”

When police were able to gain access to the Bataclan shortly before 2am, Griezmann kicked off her Dr Martens so she could run quicker away from the venue. She said: “I called Simon’s mother from my cellphone and shouted ‘I’m out! I’m out!’”

Since January, Griezmann has been part of her younger brother’s PR team. Antoine Griezmann is the top scorer at the Euros with six goals and reached the Champions League final with Atletico Madrid. Maud said the pair have spoken once about the terror attacks, before deciding it was better to try to move on.