The Eagles settle lawsuit with the real-life Hotel California

Band filed a complaint last May

The Eagles have settled their lawsuit with a Mexican hotel named Hotel California.

The band filed a complaint last May, arguing that the hotel – which is situated in Todos Santos,Baja California Sur – “actively encourages” guests to believe that the establishment is in some way associated with the band.

The lawsuit also alleged that the owners pipe in ‘Hotel California’ and other songs by The Eagles during guests’ stay. “Defendants lead US consumers to believe that the Todos Santos Hotel is associated with the Eagles and, among other things, served as the inspiration for the lyrics in ‘Hotel California,’ which is false,” the complaint said.


Now, both sides have agreed to cease legal action after the hotel’s owners withdrew an application to trademark the Hotel California name in the US. “This case has been settled by mutual agreement,” said The Eagles’ Thomas Jirgal.

It was previously reported that the hotel was originally named Hotel California in 1950 – long before the Eagles track was released in 1976. However, the hotel went through a series of name changes before reverting back to its original name from 2001.

The Eagles’ Don Henley has previously clashed with Frank Ocean for alleged “song theft” in sampling ‘Hotel California’ on his 2011 track ‘American Wedding’.