Earl Sweatshirt samples Kanye West on new song ‘Bary’ – listen

Odd Future rapper also releases new tracks 'Wind In My Sails' and 'Skrt Skrt'

Earl Sweatshirt has shared three new songs with fans overnight, including one which samples Kanye West.

The Odd Future rapper uploaded new track ‘Wind In My Sails’ first. The song will be familiar to fans of Captain Murphy, as it takes Madlib and Flying Lotus’ beat for ‘Children of the Atom’ beat from his 2014 mixtape.

Sweatshirt followed this up with two instrumentals. The first, titled ‘Bary’, samples Kanye West’s ‘Barry Bonds’; the Lil Wayne collaboration on West’s 2007 album ‘Graduation’. Barry Bonds is a former Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants baseball player. A second track, ‘Skrt Skrt’, is an updated version of Savage‘s ‘Skirtt Skirtt.’

Perhaps inspired by this raft of new music, Chance The Rapper took to Twitter and tweeted about his hopes of one day forming a rap duo with Earl.