Earl Sweatshirt drops new song ‘Whole World’ featuring Maxo

His first new song since last year's 'Feet of Clay' EP

Earl Sweatshirt has shared his first single of the year, dropping the track ‘Whole World’ today (April 24). It features fellow Los Angeles rapper Maxo, who released album ‘LIL BIG MAN’ last year.

Listen to the new track below:



A psychedelic slow burner, ‘Whole World’ was produced by The Alchemist, a frequent collaborator who has worked on Earl Sweatshirt songs like ‘Mtomb’, ’45’ and ‘Uncle Al’.

It’s the first song Earl has dropped since last year’s surprise EP ‘Feet of Clay’, the seven-track project the rapper described as “a collection of observations and feelings recorded during the death throes of a crumbling empire”.

It’s one of two new tracks from Earl that will appear on a deluxe vinyl edition of ‘Feet of Clay’ which is set to arrive June 26 via Tan Cressida/Warner.

NME rated ‘Feet of Clay’ four stars, with reviewer Dhruva Balram pronouncing the release “a tender portrayal of Earl’s psyche”.


However, while it’s the first new song of his own Earl has dropped this year, it’s not the first time he’s popped up of late. Earlier this week, he appeared on ‘Mirage’, a track from Michigan artist Quelle Chris that also featured Denmark Vessey, Big Sen, & Merrill Garbus.

Last month, Earl featured on a remix of Drakeo the Ruler and 03 Greedo’s ‘Ion Rap Beef’,  a song that originally featured on Drakeo’s ‘Free Drakeo’ mixtape earlier in the year.