East 17’s Tony Mortimer reveals Reggie Kray collaboration

Songwriter put one of Kray's poems to music

Tony Mortimer of East 17 has revealed that he once collaborated on a song with infamous East End gangster Reggie Kray.

The song was based on a poem Kray had written during a stint in prison called ‘Falling Rain’, which described the inmate’s desire to stand outside in the rain.

“It’s a ballad, it’s really good,” Mortimer told STV.

“I’ve never released that, I’ve got it at home and I’ve got a copy of it with a Scottish singer called Jinky Gilmore, who’s sung it as well. He’s done a fantastic vocal on it.”

The singer added that, “If people wanted to hear it of course I’d let them”.

Mortimer was good friends with Kray and was even a pallbearer at his funeral in 2000.

Tony Mortimer is now a solo artist. See Myspace.com/tonymortimer for more information.