His manager says the bizarre incident which left the singer badly hurt was NOT a suicide attempt...

The bizarre incident that led to EAST 17 singer BRIAN HARVEY being hospitalised in LONDON was a “freak accident”, his manager has said, not a suicide attempt.

Police have said the singer fell underneath his Mercedes convertible outside his Walthamstow home and was crushed. The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning (May 31) and follows two alleged suicide attempts.

Speaking to Radio 5 Live, the singer’s manager said that Harvey briefly regained consciousness and recognised his name, which is “a good sign in terms of his recovery”.

He said: “It looks as if Brian was reversing down the road with his door open, looking out to see where he was going, and the door hit a parked car which sent his car out of control…somehow he was thrown from the vehicle and crushed.”

The manager revealed that Harvey’s injuries include a broken leg and six breaks to the pelvis.

He added: “His abdominal area was pushed very high into his chest, they had to drain his lungs yesterday and there was also damage to his ribs… people have speculated it might be a suicide attempt but I don’t think you could plan this if you tried. There are easier ways to kill yourself. It was just a freak accident and a piece of seriously bad luck.”

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said that police were called to the scene by the London Ambulance Service at 1.53am on Tuesday (May 31). There were no other passengers in Harvey’s vehicle, which ended up in a collision with another car.

The spokesman said: “The circumstances of the collision are being investigated but at this early stage we believe the man may have fallen from the driver’s side of the Mercedes convertible while reversing from an access road into the street.”

He added: “He was alone in the car at the time and no other driver was involved.”