The Nottingham constabulary insist he was attacked by a "much smaller" object when leaving a nightclub...

Police investigating the assault on former EAST 17 member BRIAN HARVEY outside a NOTTINGHAM nightclub have denied growing speculation that he was attacked with a machete.

They now insist the weapon used was “much smaller.”

Harvey is currently undergoing skin graft surgery for a head wound he received when he was attacked by a group of four or five men outside The Works club in the city in the early hours of this morning (December 11). Police have not yet established a motive for the attack.

Harvey was leaving the club with two local girls when the attack took place. Detective Inspector Dave Hoare, the man heading up the investigation, said that both girls had been questioned. Police are waiting to talk to Harvey.

The attack has led to some confusion, though. A recorded message on the Notts Police information line has been made to let people know just who Harvey is. The message says: “We’ve had a couple of calls from the media asking if Brian Harvey was the singer in that group Robbie Williams

… Brian Harvey was not in Robbie Williams, he was in East 17. Brian May was the guitaristRobbie Williams“.