BBC dismisses Brian Harvey ‘paedo protecting’ comments as ‘absurd and offensive’

East 17 singer left strongly worded comment under YouTube video of a live performance recorded for the station

The BBC have described claims made about Radio One by former East 17 member Brian Harvey as being both “absurd and offensive.”

Comments Brian Harvey left under a Live Lounge cover of East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’ in December by Rae Morris (pictured right) were left by somebody using Harvey’s official YouTube account in which the station was described as being a “peado protecting, shit music playing, corporate wankstain.” He went on to state that Radio One is a “shitty commercial poo bag station”.

Contacted for a comment by NME, the BBC has acknowledged the message left by Harvey’s account and replied: “These comments are clearly absurd and offensive.”


Harvey’s full comment under the Rae Morris video is as follows: “You will play anyone else as long as it’s not me eh. Well done Rae Morris, but Radio 1 you suck fucking arse you bunch of wankers. Everyone is scared to tell you but I’m not. You fuckng paedo protecting, shit music playing, corporate wankstain fuck heads. Fuck You. Fuck your radio station. Fuck your staff. Stick your shitty commercial poo bag station up your peado protecting arse.”

Well Brian Harvey isn’t happy with @BBCR1

— Luke Robinson (@mrlukerobinson) January 25, 2015

The news of Harvey’s YouTube comment follows a video which went viral last week in which the singer smashed up his gold and platinum record collection in a protest at the music industry.

Prior to that it was reported that Harvey had mounted his own inquiry into historic child sex abuse cases after it was revealed that he has been gathering information on abuse claims for the past 12 months. The singer shared his research with Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who has led calls for an inquiry into abuse allegations, at the House of Commons.