East 17’s Brian Harvey livestreams police coming to his house to arrest him

The singer was accused of "malicious communications"

East 17’s Brian Harvey has livestreamed the moment police came to his house to arrest him on his YouTube page.

The pop star filmed the officers as they came to take him for questioning about “malicious communications”. Harvey has not publicly commented on the allegations.

In the livestream, which went on for hours, the star told viewers: “They’re here again everyone, they’re here again.”


As he filmed the officers, he continued to say: “Are you seeing this, people? I need your protection, people. Look what’s happening to me. Look how many people are here.”

One officer could be heard telling Harvey that an allegation of “malicious comms” had been made against him. The term applies to the act of sending messages that are “indecent, grossly offensive, threatening or false” and that aim to “cause distress or anxiety”.

Brian Harvey

Harvey then said he would go with the officers, but questioned why they had to come into his house to take him with them.

“We’re going to take you to the police station. We’re going to Leyton police station,” one of the officers told him. “We need to talk to you about this allegation. This will be explained to you.”

The singer posted his phone through his letterbox, with it continuing to record while he was gone. The livestream no longer appears to be available to watch on his YouTube page.


No details of the allegations have been made public at the time of writing.

Harvey was previously arrested on suspicion of sending malicious tweets in 2017. At the time, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that it “received an allegation of malicious communications relating to a Twitter account” and that “enquiries continue”.

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