East India Youth announces hiatus from music “for the foreseeable future”

Solo artist says there's "too much pressure to remain consistently definitive"

East India Youth has today (19 February) revealed that he will be taking a break from making and performing his music.

The synthpop artist has developed a long time following through his catchy but often challenging music and content. After currently completing a small tour of Australia, the artist – real name William Doyle – explains that he will be taking time out from recording and touring music.

The solo artist released his second album ‘Culture of Volume’ in 2015. In a post on his blog uploaded today – titled The End of The Road – he states that the album may well be his last as East India Youth, detailing his reasons for taking a hiatus after his current run of shows finishes.


“Although ‘TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER’ came out in January 2014, the lion’s share of work on the album was mostly completed back in August 2012 and then the sessions for ‘CULTURE OF VOLUME’ – which came out in April 2015 – started immediately after that. This is why the two albums came out so close to each other, but in actuality about two years worth of work was done on each before they were ready for wider consumption. As such, these periods of creativity and promotion have fed and bled into each other to the point where I find it hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. I’ve been to so many places and met so many people in this time that it’s hard to truly comprehend and remain calm about it. So perhaps it’s time for a break” he wrote in the long post

“There seems to be a pressure on artists to consistently offer up very definitive gestures and make large sweeping statements with each release,” he continued. “We are not faultless and we shouldn’t pretend to be. The music world especially is often not an environment that allows the artist to be critical of their own work and learn from it, and so it’s important that – when necessary – we can throw up our hands and say “Sure. It didn’t work. Let’s try something else.” Making mistakes is the job of the artist, for this is where the growth occurs, and so a break for me is imperative to take stock of where I think or I’ve been shown to have gone wrong. I need to be out of the head-space and the suit-space of EIY for a while, to learn about myself again, and I’m keen to do some work with others in the meantime.”

You can catch William on this email address to suggest new projects.

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The last time we heard from the artist was in November 2015, when he uploaded an EP of remixes of tracks from his second album, ‘Culture of Volume’.

The EP contains three tracks altogether, with one remix of ‘Montage Resolution’ (by Truss) and two remixes of ‘Manner of Words’.


Stream the EP in full below, or head to https://eastindiayouth.lnk.to to choose your service.

Last year Doyle released a video for his track ‘Beaming White’, which is also taken from ‘Culture of Volume’.

Directed by filmmaking duo Mathy & Fran, the video sees Doyle confined to the claustrophobic surroundings of a car in the darkness, where he becomes slowly surrounded by a number of mysterious figures.