‘Eastenders’ fans mock show over ‘cringey as hell’ Stormzy reference

One viewer says scene is 'potentially the worst thing I've ever seen'

Last night (June 12) saw Eastenders reference grime MC Stormzy during a scene that fans have described as “cringey as hell”.

Monday’s episode of the long-running BBC soap saw the character of Travis Law-Hughes (played by Alex James-Phelps) challenge Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) to recite Shakespeare in front of a crowd gathered at a bus stop. When Keegan hesitates, Travis then suggests he “does his favourite Stormzy tune” instead.

“What do you know about Stormzy?” Keegan replies, to which Travis says: “Well, I do know that you’re getting way too big for your boots,” a reference to Stormzy’s track ‘Big For Your Boots’, leading the crowd of school kids into a rendition of the song. Watch the clip below.


Fans have since taken to social media to mock the scene, with one user calling it “potentially the worst thing I’ve ever seen”. Another wrote: “All of my organs are cringing at that Stormzy scene in Eastenders. Dads, cease scriptwriting”.





This week has also seen Labour MP David Lammy quote Stormzy as he criticised Theresa May on Twitter for being “arrogant” in the aftermath of the General Election.

The Tottenham MP, who retained his seat of 17 years on Thursday night, quoted Stormzy’s ‘Big For Your Boots’ as he replied to a video of the Prime Minister’s post election speech in which she confirmed that the Conservatives would be propped up in power by the DUP.

“So, so arrogant. Has she not seen the results? To quote @Stormzy1 how dare you twist up the truth you’re getting way too big for your boots”, he wrote on Twitter.