Ian McCulloch wants to collaborate with David Bowie

Echo And The Bunnymen singer reckons Thin White Duke is 'waiting' to release new material

Echo And The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch has revealed ambitions to collaborate with David Bowie.

The singer reckons Bowie is “waiting” to release new material after putting out his last studio album, ‘Reality’, in 2003.

“Maybe his life’s just changed,” McCulloch told Digital Spy.

“I’d love to do one last great David Bowie song. I’d love me and him to do something. I’ve got songs that I’d love him to sing – it was him and Leonard Cohen,” he added.

McCulloch also discussed the Liverpool band’s decision to tour their 1984 album ‘Ocean Rain’ later this year, commenting: “It was always in the back of our minds – well in the back of my mind anyway.”

“[The album has] got everything on it – it’s so unusual – and the sound of it is quite unique. The way it was done it sounds completely different from everything else we did,” he said.

Echo And The Bunnymen will play six UK dates, kicking off at Manchester Palace Theatre on September 24.