Echo And The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch apologises for storming offstage at Glasgow gig

Singer admits to 'personal issues' after onstage rant

Echo And The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch has apologised for storming offstage at a concert in Glasgow on Wednesday (September 28).

The singer apparently complained about the crowd’s poor timing at the Royal Concert Hall when they were clapping along to ‘The Killing Moon’, and he later threatened hecklers in the crowd.

He then stormed off before returning to apologise to the crowd, explaining that he’d “received bad news”.


Explaining his rant, McCulloch told the Daily Record: “There were things which happened backstage that should have stayed backstage, but didn’t. I was very upset due to personal issues I can’t go into. What went on backstage made it worse and it got too much.

“It spilled on stage and I can only apologise. I am gutted and feel terrible for letting down our amazing Scottish fans.”

He added: “I hugely regret it and want to say sorry to everyone we disappointed. I hope we can make it up to you all in some way and we will look at how to do that in the near future.”

John McLaughlin, who produced the band’s recent album ‘The Fountain’, shed some further light, saying the singer was “having a personal crisis”.

He added: “He is one of the greatest singers I have ever worked with and is a tortured genius. He loves Glasgow and knows he went too far. He’s in bits just now but when he can talk about it properly, he will.”


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