Echo And The Bunnymen set to play early albums in full?

Ian McCulloch says it'll be a 'master class' for other bands

Echo And The Bunnymen‘s Ian McCulloch has revealed that he wants to play their first two albums, 1980’s ‘Crocodiles’ and 1981’s ‘Heaven Up Here’, back-to-back.

The band are no strangers to performing their albums in full, with the Liverpool group having already played their 1984 album ‘Ocean Rain’, live in 2008.

“I want to do our first two albums back-to-back,” McCulloch told “It’s a masterclass for anyone who’s ever been in a band that isn’t quite as good as the band I’m in. These albums are the blueprints for being in a cool rock band.”

Currently in America promoting their new album ‘The Fountain’, Echo And The Bunnymen have also revealed that their cancelled US tour will now be rescheduled for March and April.