Echo And The Bunnymen singer charged with assault

Ian McCulloch accused of attacking fans

Echo And The Bunnymen singer Ian McCulloch has been charged with attacking two fans during a backstage dispute after a concert.

On Wednesday (September 6) a court heard that the frontman was accused of attacking Gary Duncan and his girlfriend Juliet Sebley following a show at Glasgow Barrowlands on October 23 last year.

According to BBC News, Duncan told Glasgow District Court that after the show, he and girlfriend had heard there was a possibility they could go backstage to use the toilets.


The fans spotted McCulloch and asked him if they could use the toilets. Duncan and Sebley went into separate cubicles and soon afterwards heard “fierce roaring and threatening language” from outside.

Duncan said McCulloch was: “threatening to kick the doors in of the toilets if we didn’t get out”.

Upon leaving the cubicle,Duncan said that the singer grabbed his jacket lapels and “pushed and pulled him in a threatening manner”.

When he asked where his girlfriend was Duncan was allegedly told by a member of the band’s entourage: “Don’t worry, she’ll be all right with Mac.”

He then saw his girlfriend running past him in “a state of stress and in fear and she was clutching her head at her right temple,” Duncantold the court.

Duncan then noticed Sebley‘s head was bleeding and decided to call the police.


When cross examined Sebley denied she and her boyfriend had been in the same cubicle and rejected the suggestion that the door had swung open and hit her in the head.

The case is adjourned until September 18, when a police interview with McCulloch will be heard in court.

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