And they're dead cheap....

Echo And The Bunnymen and Rialto are to release new albums through new UK based Internet-only record label GIMME MUSIC in October.

The six-track mini albums will be available only either as MP3s downloads or as CDs through mail order via [url=] No release date has yet been set. A spokesperson for the label said that they would retail in either format for less than record store prices, probably around #6, as shop mark-up and distribution costs have been bypassed.

The Bunnymen album, called ‘Avalanche’, features a cover of Bob Dylan‘s ‘It’s All Over Now Baby Blue’, Tim Hardin‘s ‘Hang On To A Dream’ and one new song, ‘Avalanche’, as well as three reworked Bunnymen songs – ‘All My Colours’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Angels And Devils’.

The Rialto mini-LP is called ‘Girl On A Train’ and features six new songs – ‘Girl On A Train’, ‘Anything Could Happen’, ‘The Car That Took My Love Away’, ‘Anyone Out There’, ‘Someone That She Used To Know’ and ‘Russian Doll’.