You voted for the Bunnymen songs you wanted to hear and now they're going to play them live...

Last week asked readers to vote for the ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN songs from the back catalogue that they wanted to hear on the upcoming tour.

The Echo And The Bunnymen songs you want to hear live are:

‘Silver’ (21 per cent of the vote) ‘Heads Will Roll’ (17 per cent) ‘All That Jazz’ (13 per cent) ‘No Dark Things’ (12 per cent) ‘Angels And Devils’ (11 per cent)

The bottom five are:

‘Never Stop’ (10 per cent) ‘With A Hip’ (6 per cent) ‘My Kingdom’ (6 per cent) ‘Thorn Of Crowns’ (4 per cent) ‘The Game’ (3 per cent)

“Yeah that’s fine, we can play them,” Ian McCulloch told “We might even play some of the other ones. I don’t know yet.”

There were also some write-in nominations, the most popular being:

‘The Cutter’ (“We’ll be playing that anyway.”) ‘Happy Death Men’ (“No chance!”) ‘Read It In Books’ (Ditto)

McCulloch also said that this may be the last time that many of these songs will be performed.

“We’ve got some shows in Greece in January where we’ll do the same set, but basically it might be some time before we play any of these in the UK again,” he said.

“We’ve just been writing new stuff. Will (Sergeant) played me some things down the phone last night that sounded great,” he said. “We might be doing some new stuff on the tour. There’s one that’s a stormer, a cross between Nirvana and Sylvester. It hasn’t got a name but it’s like ‘You Make Me Feel…Mighty Pissed Off’.” The Bunnymen tour kicks off at Manchester MDH on December 2.

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