Mac and co give fans the choice of classic Bunnymen songs for forthcoming tour...

Echo And The Bunnymen kick off their UK tour in Manchester on December 2 and they’re giving fans the chance to vote for the songs that they want included in the set.

Having been together for over 20 years – on and off – The Bunnymen, recently dropped by London Records, are gearing up for new independent releases and internet downloads and want to round off the millennium by giving people a chance to hear the songs that people shout for at gigs.

“It’s always been me who picks the songs,” Ian McCulloch told “I thought that since it was the end of the millennium and these dates are kind of looking back and everything we’d give people a chance…rather the fans than leaving it to Will!”


Click here to cast your vote from a list of ten and to nominate any others.

McCulloch is a self confessed internet virgin, though guitarist Will Sergeant is an enthusiast.

“Will’s always on it,” said McCulloch. “He comes to me and says ‘Oh, people want to ask us questions online’ and until recently I’d just laugh, but now I can sort of see it….it’s the new wanking! I’m a bit wary because I know I’ll get addicted to it.”

“The great thing is that it lets you cut out a lot of the middle men that are always talking as though you need them,” he said. “It makes it a more immediate thing. We can record stuff and put it out right away without going to the label who say ‘Hmmm, maybe we could mix it again or get in a producer’. It means that we won’t necessarily have to do 15 track albums. We can do six tracks at a time. We can do a lot more.”

McCulloch is also working with Fun Lovin’ Criminals, long time Bunnymen fans, though no release date for the project has been set.

“I’m just sending them tapes recorded with an acoustic and click tracks and they get them and do what they want with them,” he said.


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