Clear out of ailing acts hits three Northern bands...

Echo And The Bunnymen and Monaco are all without recording contracts along with Shed 7 as previously reported by nme.com, after a major label roster shake-up.

A spokesman for London Records confirmed that the Bunnymen had parted company with the label but was reluctant to give a reason why.

It is thought that disappointing sales of the band’s last album, ‘What Are You Going To Do With Your Life’, may have contributed to the band being dropped.

A spokesman for the Bunnymen, who are currently on tour in South America, said: “It was mutually agreed that they would leave. They wanted to leave the label and there was no animosity.

“They’ve demoed a whole bunch of new material and their manager is seeing other people. There’s definitely positive interest in signing them and that’s all there is to say at the moment.”

Monaco, New Order‘s Peter Hook‘s other group, have been dropped by Polydor on completion of their new album. A spokesman for the band’s management said: “It came as bolt out of the blue because track by track they accepted the album and loved it.

“Getting a record deal isn’t a problem, people are listening to it and saying, ‘We’ll have it’. There’s no animosity, it’s probably a blessing in disguise. The reason they’re dropping bands is they’re trying to focus on the pop market they don’t want to concentrate on guitar music.”

Following Shed 7‘s departure from Polydor after saying that they were unhappy with the way that the label were promoting them, a spokesperson for Polydor said: “Polydor has made a substantial investment in Shed 7 over the past six years. We went to them with a proposal that reflected their current level of success which unfortunately they decided to decline. We very much wanted the band to stay with the label and are sorry to see them go.”

Shed 7 are currently working on new material at their own studio in York and their management are in talks with several labels.

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