Echo and The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch and actor John Simm: ‘Going on tour together was pretty messy’

Echo and The Bunnymen headline the Liverpool International Music Festival in August

Echo And The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch has described his friendship with Life on Mars actor John Simm.

Speaking to The Guardian, McCulloch said of their friendship, “We’ve both had dark days, but jokes help you get out of it. Drinking together has made us close; going on tour together was pretty messy.”

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Actor John Simm, best known for his roles in Life on Mars and films Human Traffic and 24 Hour Party People supported Echo and The Bunnymen on tour with his band Magic Alex.

Describing their time on the road, Ian McCulloch said, “He stayed at my hotel because he was too bladdered to go home. In the morning he was in a state – I was freaking out too, but it’s always nice to have someone who is freaking out more than you.”

“John’s quite shy and humble, while I just think I’m the greatest thing ever,” he told the site. “In the flesh he still looks about 22. It’s probably pickling yourself that does it – you preserve yourself like jam.”

“Ian thinks he’s the king of the Scousers,” added John Simm.

“The tours were some of the best times of my life. Magic Alex were unsigned, but he was a genuine fan. We’d spend the day in the pub then I’d struggle through the gig, but Ian would always walk on totally fine and sing like an angel. His voice is a thing of wonder.”

Echo And The Bunnymen released new album ‘Meteorites’ in May 2014. Read the NME review here.


Last year, McCulloch joined Arcade Fire onstage at London’s Earls Court. He performed 1983 Echo And The Bunnymen track ‘The Cutter’ with the Canadian band.

Speaking in a video interview with NME following the gig, the singer said that it was “a real thrill” to be asked to perform with the group when they headlined the first of two nights at the venue in June 2014.

Echo and The Bunnymen will headline the Liverpool International Music Festival on August 31.