Ian McCulloch records orchestral version of Echo & The Bunnymen hit – listen and watch

'Bring On The Dancing Horses' recorded orchestrally for new solo album

Ian McCulloch has recorded an album worth of orchestral versions of Echo And The Bunnymen songs as part of his new solo album. Scroll down to hear the new version of ‘Bring On The Dancing Horses’ now.

McCulloch’s latest solo album will be a double album with one disc dedicated to orchestral versions of the Liverpool bands greatest hits. The idea for the album came about following a show McCulloch played at the Union Chapel in London in May 2012. Producer Youth has re-recorded the tracks, which will be released under the title ‘Holy Ghosts’.

Speaking about the Union Chapel show which inspired the plan to re-record his bands songs in a new fashion, McCulloch said: “It was like, something’s happening here that you might want to document. The fact that it was so spontaneously decided we’d record it was lucky, because on the night I’d more or less forgotten. Usually you’re too aware of everything being mic’d up and all that, but this time, after the first chord had been hit, I was in a world of me own.”

Other songs which have been reworked by McCulloch and Flood include The Bunnymen’s ‘Lips Like Sugar’, ‘Rescue’, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, and ‘The Killing Moon’. Holy Ghosts is released on April 22 via Edsel Records and will come with McCulloch’s fourth solo studio album ‘Pro Patria Mori’.

Echo & The Bunnymen will support Primal Scream in London on Thursday (March 21) as part of the Noel Gallagher curated Teenage Cancer Trust concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall.