Ed Sheeran on spending time with Keith Richards: ‘He can handle his drink and drugs’

Sheeran recently joined Rolling Stones on stage in June

Ed Sheeran has revealed what it is like to hang out with Keith Richards, as well as hitting back at critics of his huge chest tattoo.

Earlier this year Sheeran joined the Rolling Stones on stage in Kansas City on June 28 and hung out with the band afterwards. The British singer-songwriter opened up about his time with the band, specifically Richards, in a new interview.

“He’s definitely a kind and humble person, but he’s definitely Keith Richards,” Sheeran told Rolling Stone, “He can handle his drink and drugs. The best thing he said to me was when I was talking to him about getting arrested, and he said, “I’ve never had a problem with drugs — I had a problem with the police.”


Sheeran was also quizzed about his huge lion tattoo the musician taking the opportunity to hit back at those who have made fun of the inkwork.

“Well, the England crest is three lions, so I was going to get three lions,” he explained. “But I got one instead. And that’s kind of the story. I don’t really know why people make such a big fuss out of it. I know so many people with shit tattoos in fucking Greek and Latin that they can’t even read or understand that say slogans like “Times change, people don’t,” or something bullshit like that. I’m sure [David] Beckham has some shit on him, some sort of Chinese art that no one would find that strange. But they find me putting something that symbolizes me playing the biggest venue in England weird.”

Earlier this month (September) announced details of new concert film Jumpers For Goalposts.

The concert film was recorded during Sheeran’s three-night stint at Wembley Stadium in July of this year and includes footage of his live duet with Elton John. In addition to the live footage, the film also tells the story of Sheeran’s rise to success from his early days as a musician.

A special Jumpers For Goalposts cinema event will be held at London’s Leicester Square and broadcast live to cinemas around the world next month (October 22). Sheeran will perform live at the Leicester Square event.

Watch the first Jumpers For Goalposts trailer below:

Sheeran recently officially launched his new record label, Gingerbread Man Records. The singer initially announced details of the project in March, confirming songwriter Jamie Lawson as his first signing.