Ed Sheeran to dress in a tutu and eat snails for charity

Singer interrupts travelling in Japan to do stunt for Comic Relief US

Ed Sheeran has pledged to dress in a red tutu and eat “the most disgusting food in Japan” if enough money is raised for Comic Relief.

Sheeran made the pledge in a 75-second trailer for the American version of Comic Relief, which is taking place today (May 27).

The singer is travelling with friends in Japan on a break from music following the success of his album ‘x’. The trailer shows Sheeran in a market, contemplating various local delicacies.

He says: “I’m currently in Japan travelling, but I’ve decided that if you guys raise more money for Comic Relief than you did last year then I’ll dress up in a red tutu and eat the most disgusting thing they have in Japan.”

A friend informs Sheeran that “fermented beans and sea snails” is Japan’s most disgusting food. Sheeran replies: “I’m going to eat that in a red tutu if you raise more than last year. I’m not looking forward to it.” He then finds and eats a sea snail from a market stall, gagging as he does so.

The trailer was posted on Twitter by Ben Winston, director of James Corden’s chat show Late Late Show.

Sheeran announced in October 2015 that he was taking a break, which included avoiding social media by swapping his iPhone for an old-fashioned Nokia 3310 with no online access. Sheeran said: “I’ve got to a point where I just don’t want to answer emails all the time anymore and that’s my life and my career. But when I’m in my time off and I don’t have to do it, I’m just going to get rid of it.”