Watch Ed Sheeran rapping Eminem’s ‘Criminal’

Singer delivers impromptu cover during interview

Ed Sheeran has shown off his rap skills, reeling off a verse from Eminem‘s 2000 track ‘Criminal’ in a recent interview.

‘Criminal’ originally featured on Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP, with Sheeran taking on the song during an interview with France’s Clique. Watch below.

Sheeran raps the lines: “Windows tinted on my ride when I drive in it / So when I rob a bank, run out and just dive in it / So I’ll be disguised in it / And if anybody identifies the guy in it / I hide for 5 minutes / Shit, half the shit I say, I just make it up / To make you mad so kiss my white naked ass / And if it’s not a rapper that I make it as / I’mma be a fucking rapist in a Jason mask”.

Sheeran isn’t the only pop star to turn to rap in recent months. Adele recently made headlines by rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse from ‘Monster’ for James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’.

Minaj later called Adele “mad ratchet” following her rendition. ‘Monster’ re-entered the iTunes chart following Adele’s cover.