Ed Sheeran apologises to busker after Facebook bans her for covering his song

Busker Charlotte Campbell received a three-day ban for posting a cover of 'Castle On The Hill'.

Ed Sheeran has apologised to a busker who was banned from Facebook for posting a cover of one of his songs.

Charlotte Campbell, 27, received a three-day Facebook ban after she shared a teaser for her video cover of Sheeran’s hit ‘Castle On The Hill’.

By posting her cover of Sheeran’s song, she had apparently violated a Facebook rule prohibiting the violation of the “intellectual property rights of someone else”.


Campbell then posted a video on YouTube to explain to fans why she had been banned. After watching the video, Sheeran left an apology for Campbell in a comment on her Facebook page, which had by then been reinstated.

He wrote: “Just seen your video, it definitely has nothing to do with me, I bloody love seeing people cover my songs, one of the best things I get out of this job is seeing other people find enjoyment too.

“I asked what’s gone on and apparently it’s a bot that Warner have that works on some weird algorithm (I have no idea what that means) but it’s just bad luck that it was your video. I’ve had a word, and I’ll get it sorted. Sorry again. Keeping doing what you do, tis ace. Ed x.”

Responding to the unexpected message from Sheeran, Campbell told BBC Newsbeat: “I was actually shaking as I realised that it was happening. I had a lot of messages from my friends saying ‘go and check your Facebook’, and when I did I couldn’t believe it, I was ecstatic.”

She added: “Thank you very much Ed Sheeran for being a lovely guy. Even though you’re hugely successful, you still remember what it’s like to be a small artist, and a busker, and it’s really great.”


Sheeran is currently celebrating scoring yet another double in the UK charts. He also performed his song ‘What Do I Know?’ on Comic Relief on Friday night.