Ed Sheeran’s bodyguard is trolling him on Instagram

He calls Sheeran his "bae" and "little bitch boy"

Ed Sheeran‘s bodyguard joined Instagram recently, proceeding to troll the star in a series of posts.

Kevin Myers – who goes by the handle @securitykev – has racked up 420k followers since joining the social media platform earlier in April.

Describing his employer as both his “bae” and “little bitch boy”, Myers has been taking playful shots at Sheeran at almost every opportunity, donning a ginger wig in one photo and ribbing the singer for “putting on so much weight” in another.

He’s also been suggesting alternative takes for Sheeran’s music videos and teasing the star for stumbling out of night clubs looking a little worse for wear.

Wanna be ed lol

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I’m always watching. He’s always eating. #whoateallthepies #imthedaddy

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What the perfect video should’ve been

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'Kev I'm telling you, you got something the world needs to see, you got 'it''

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Keeping him from going over the edge, again #guru #pitfallsoffame

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I'm on what he's on, clearly

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Eyeing bae up…Iike a snack @hoax1994 #imthedaddynow

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Myers has also been taking his newfound stardom in his stride:

Sheeran, meanwhile, is to star in a new film from Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis set in a world where The Beatles never existed.

Tabloid reports suggest that the singer-songwriter will appear in a new musical comedy project directed by Trainspotting‘s Boyle and written by Notting Hill‘s Curtis. It’s thought to be tentatively titled All You Need Is Love.

The film’s plot is described as being “about a man who wakes up one day to find he is the only person who can remember the songs of The Beatles”.

According to the report, Sheeran will make an onscreen cameo in the movie, as well as providing original music to the soundtrack.

“Everything Ed touches turns to gold,” a source told the Mail On Sunday. “If anyone can make a film about the Beatles’ songs even better musically, it’s him.”