Ed Sheeran: ‘I don’t care if I’m credible or not’

Sheeran says his heroes Eric Clapton and Van Morrison like this music, which makes him credible in his own eyes.

Ed Sheeran has insisted that he doesn’t care whether people think he’s a “credible” recording artist or not.

The singer-songwriter returned last Friday (January 6) after a three-year hiatus with two new songs, ‘Shape Of You’ and ‘Castle On The Hill’. Both songs immediately smashed the existing Spotify record for one-day streams.

However, some music fans continue to dismiss his abilities as a musician. Asked about this by Radio X, Sheeran replied: “I don’t really care. I had Van Morrison take me for breakfast and tell me he loved me and I’ve had Eric Clapton come to my house for dinner – I’ve gone to his house for dinner and he tells me that he likes my music.”


“Those are the two people that got me started in music and they like me,” he continued. “Why the hell would I care about someone I’ve never met who I don’t know their opinion and I don’t know them as people. But I do know that my heroes like my music, so I don’t care If I’m credible or not, because In their world I am and that makes me credible in my world.”

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Sheeran added: “I see a lot of people taking pops at me… People that I don’t listen to their music, they’ll have a pop as if I’m meant to care. And I don’t at all.”

During another recent interview, Sheeran revealed that he gave mega-hit ‘Love Yourself’ to Justin Bieber because it “wouldn’t have made it” onto his new album. He also claimed last weekend that Eminem made Kendrick Lamar prove that he didn’t use a ghostwriter.

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