Ed Sheeran fans angry after people collapse in overheating Melbourne Stadium

Fans were treated for dehydration at the Etihad Stadium

Australian Ed Sheeran fans are angry, after numerous people were treated for dehydration after collapsing at the singer’s recent Melbourne show.

Fans at the Etihad Stadium reported that the stadium roof was not opened and there was no working air conditioning, with temperatures outside topping 35 degrees celsius. Numerous people were reported as collapsing and having to be escorted out of the venue by first aiders. Water was reportedly also being sold forupwards of $5 a bottle.

Melanee Jardine told Yahoo 7 that her third floor seat gave her a “bird’s eye view” of events. “In the first act they had to stop and get security to help someone who had fainted. Then it just kept happening all show,” she said.

“We had a young girl in our row pass out from the heat too. It was terrible and unnecessary when they had access to having the roof open.”

An Etihad spokesperson said the roof was closed at the request of the touring party. “Patrons health and safety is always our number one priority and we were continually monitoring the situation. The temperatures inside the stadium was not at a level that put Ed’s fans at risk,” they said.

“Free water stations were available throughout the venue for fans to continually hydrate throughout the concert and they were encouraged to do so. On the stadium floor there was free water being handed out throughout the night to fans.”


 It was recently revealed that Ed Sheeran is helping the parents of a terminally ill girl raise £50,000 towards their legal battle to get their daughter pain relief.

Sheeran first met 11 year old Melody when he agreed to visit her in hospital in 2016, but now the singer has donated a signed guitar to her parents.

Melody suffers from an incurable disease called Rett Syndrome, which affects brain development.

The disease means Melody is unable to walk or talk, but now the parents have claimed the hospital will be withdrawing her pain relief.

Last October, Melody’s parents Karina and Nigel Driscoll were told by staff at London’s King’s College Hospital that morphine and steroids could be damaging to Melody’s liver and they were hoping to wean their daughter off the medication.