Ed Sheeran finds it “uncomfortable” watching new documentary series

“I hope other people find it more entertaining than I do”

Ed Sheeran has revealed he has no intention of checking out his new docuseries, as the thought of watching it makes him “uncomfortable”.

The ‘Shape Of You’ singer explained how he felt about watching The Sum Of It All in a new interview, and admitted that the thought of sitting down to view any of it himself left him feeling uneasy.

“It’s uncomfortable for me to watch, I haven’t really like sat down and binged it,” he told Extra (via MSN), later adding: “I hope other people find it more entertaining than I do.”


He also proceeded to explain that he was caught off-guard by the style of the show, and wasn’t expecting it to centre so heavily on his emotional state. “I didn’t actually really realise that they were making a documentary on grief and mental health, I thought we were making a documentary on my album,” he explained.

“And then I saw [the final product] and I was like, ‘Oh, OK. Cool.’”

Available now on Disney+, The Sum Of It All is a four-part series which provides insight into the singer’s life during the writing of his most recent album, ‘-’ (‘Subtract’). It also explores the highs and lows Sheeran was experiencing at the time of the record’s construction – including his feelings of grief and depression.

Ed Sheeran in 'The Sum Of It All'
Ed Sheeran in ‘The Sum Of It All’ (Picture: Sofi Adams/ Press)

Part one explores Sheeran’s relationship with his wife Cherry Seaborn, who was diagnosed with cancer at the start of 2022. The day after receiving the news that Seaborn’s tumour wasn’t as serious as they first thought, Sheeran’s best friend Jamal Edwards died.

‘-‘ was released earlier this month and has already been certified as the fastest-selling album of 2023. In a three-star review, NME praised the LP for accurately portraying an honest look at the singer-songwriter’s mental state.


“If it becomes a little samey in places, it could be argued that this is an authentic representation of the mental health issues Sheeran was working through at the time,” it read. “Certainly, some of his lyrical refrains – breaking waves, falling tears – add to the impression that ‘-‘ is an unfiltered snapshot of this artist’s mindset at an especially low ebb.”

In other Ed Sheeran news, last week (May 19) the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ singer was ranked in the Number Seven spot of the UK’s richest people under 35, developed by the Sunday Times.

Having experienced global success for his albums in recent years, the 32-year-old was reported as having a fortune of £300million. Two other music acts were also included on the list: Adele (aged 35), who has a predicted wealth of £165million and Harry Styles who is aged 29 and has a suspected £150million to his name.

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