James Blunt just entrusted Ed Sheeran with the ultimate responsibility

"We’re going to be brothers for life."

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he was recently given the ultimate responsibility by James Blunt. 

Speaking to The Sun, the ‘Shape of You’ musician spoke of the pair’s friendship in recent years, which this year saw the singers head out on tour together.

Now the friendship’s been extended even further – with Sheeran becoming the godfather of Blunt’s baby boy.


“James is like a brother to me,” Sheeran said, before dropping the news.

Speculating on Blunt’s motivation, he added: “To be honest, I think he’s only done it because he knows I’ve got a good idea of what sort of person he’d want him to be when he grows up — an absolute lad.

“We’re going to be brothers for life,” Sheeran gushed.


The responsibility is shared with the late Carrie Fisher, who Blunt asked to be godmother in June 2016, prior to her death.


Blunt lived with Fisher when he first moved to Los Angeles, developing a close friendship.

Sheeran also serves as godfather to Big Narstie’s child.

In September, Blunt discussed his and Ed’s un-rockstar tour antics.

“It’s extremely calm. We drink tea. We watch television series – I can’t think of which one, but we take it very easy,” he said.

Earlier this month, Ed Sheeran responded to speculation that Taylor Swift’s track ‘Dress’ is about him.

Appearing on Swift’s new album, ‘Reputation’, ‘Dress’ features the lyrics “There is an indentation in the shape of you / Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo”.

However, Sheeran told a livestream that he believes the song to be about someone with a buzzcut – a far cry from his signature red hair.