Ed Sheeran has written songs for the new James Blunt album

Blunt has also worked with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder

Ed Sheeran has written material for James Blunt’s new, fifth studio album ‘The Afterlove’.

Out March 24, Blunt’s new album also sees him collaborating with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, as well as songwriters Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid, MoZella and Stephan Moccio.

Blunt announced his new album — the follow-up to 2013’s platinum-selling ’Moon Landing’ — from the comfort of his bathtub. He posted a message to fans saying “I’ve got something huge to show you”.


The LP was initially dubbed for 2017 when Blunt told fans: “If you thought 2016 was bad – I’m releasing an album in 2017.” The singer-songwriter has long been known for his self-deprecating humour on social media. His Twitter bio reads that he is “proof that one song is all you need,” referring to his own 2005 hit ‘You’re Beautiful’.

Last year, Blunt was involved in a mishap when Princess Beatrice slashed Ed Sheeran‘s face with a sword as she pretended to knight Blunt. All three were at a party in the Royal Lodge in Windsor when the incident occurred. According to reports, Blunt joked that he wanted to become Sir James. Princess Beatrice retrieved a ceremonial sword, swung it backwards, accidentally catching Ed Sheeran on the cheek in the process.

Earlier today (January 23), Sheeran revealed the coming-of-age video for new single ‘Castle on the Hill’, which was filmed in the singer-songwriter’s hometown of Framlingham in Suffolk.

He has also revealed that he will be supporting the album with a tour that begins in Europe in March, though he has yet to announce dates and ticket details.