Ed Sheeran plans to be touring again within the month despite broken arm

"I'm not going to short-change fans"

Ed Sheeran has assured fans that despite his recent bike accident where he damaged his arm, wrist and ribs, he’ll be back on tour within a month.

The singer was involved in a crash in London on Monday (October 16) when he was knocked off his bicycle in the capital by a car. After warning fans that his injuries would likely result in the cancellation of tour dates, Sheeran has now confirmed that five scheduled live shows in Asia will no longer go ahead.

However, speaking to interviewers at London’s Roundhouse for the Q Awards yesterday (October 18), Sheeran admitted: “I can’t do some shows but I’ll be back in a month”.

“I can’t type, and I have a string of emails that I haven’t been able to look at. I have an automatic reply that goes out saying I can’t type.”

Elsewhere, he noted that he wouldn’t consider finding a replacement band to make up for his injury: “I’m a one man show. There’s not a lot I can do and I’m not going to short-change fans to get another musician to play. If you come to see a show, it should be the show you’ve paid to see”.

Sheeran’s scheduled tour was due to begin next week on Sunday (October 22) in Taipei, before heading to Osaka, Seoul in South Korea, Tokyo in Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran will appear as Lisa’s crush in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.