Ed Sheeran reduced to tears by Comic Relief trip to Liberia

Singer-songwriter is currently working on a movie and soundtrack

Ed Sheeran has revealed how he was moved to tears by a recent Comic Relief trip to Liberia in West Africa.

The singer visited a school in West Point and said he was “shocked” and “appalled” by the conditions they were living in.

Documenting his trip for the BBC, he wrote: “There are hundreds of thousands of people crammed in to West Point, most of them living in squalor, so getting an education is a privilege and not something all of the kids get to do.


“As we were taking a break from filming, a little girl came over to talk to me. Her name was Peaches and unlike the other children I’d met, she wasn’t in a uniform.

“She explained that since her father’s death during the Ebola crisis, her mother couldn’t afford to send her to school any more.

He continued: “We had an impromptu jamming session and the girl could really sing. Peaches sang a song that reminded her of her father and as she did, tears started to roll down her face. The enthusiasm that was initially shining out of her disappeared.

“It was at this point that the reality of Peaches’ situation, and many, many kids just like her, hit me really hard.”

Sheeran also said that a lot of the children were fascinated by his tattoos. “The welcome from the kids was amazing, especially when they saw my tattoos; they went nuts and couldn’t understand what they were,” Sheeran added.


“Some of the younger kids tried to wipe them off. Everyone wanted to know what we were doing and where we were from.”

The singer said he was recently planning to make a movie and a soundtrack.

He revealed his ambition to temporarily move away from the music industry and instead focus his attention on a Richard Curtis-style film.